Weathering steel studio for renovation of old factory building

Weathering steel studio for renovation of old factory building
Design Company:DESIGN GROUP
Location: HangZhou/China
Materials: Corten steel
2021-06-23 14:19:20
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Project Credits
Lead Designer
Rujia Chen
Anqi Lin
Civil Engineer/MEP
Zhu Xiaochen
Structural Engineer
Aoguan Architectural Vision
Metal Fabricators
Henan AHL STEEL Trading CO., LTD.
This Yes Art Warehouse is located in Tianguan Creative Park, No. 52 Changjiang Middle Road, Hangzhou. It was transformed into a more distinctive art studio on the basis of the old factory.

Weathering steel material is used as the main material for building and interior design. It incorporates the environment in the reconstruction of shapes and colors. Part of the building is white, and the exposed weathering steel structure injects a soothing simplicity into the studio. Part of the use of concrete elements continues the original open-minded texture and retains the roof and building outline.

In the interior space, a large amount of blank space creates a simple space surface, which concentrates on the aesthetics of the scene and amplifies the space story. The overall weathering steel space is pure and tidy, which strengthens people's perception of space frame and order.

In order to continue the multi-faceted corner elements of this building, the designers adopted the symmetry, folding and penetration of weathering steel materials. The blue and white blocks are divided into different three-dimensional spaces, and the indoor and outdoor spaces are connected to perfectly display the three-dimensional sense and sense of power in the space.

In the emotion of architecture and the temperament of space, art is always the existence of another dimension. At a certain level, art plays the role of pioneers. It can cross history and contemporary times, intersperse regions and cultures, gather freedom and innovation, fill the gaps in space with imagination, and constantly depict answers to life.

A large amount of white space and interspersed weathering steel separates, transforms and reorganizes the entire space. This allows free growth and coordination between the building and the interior, increasing the richness of the connection between the first floor and the second floor, and at the same time realizing the spatial transition from aggregation to evacuation.

The designer chose weathering steel because the weathering steel has very simple and clean lines, creating a sense of rhythm and proportion of the space, and the collision of the color and white of the weathering steel gives a feeling of vicissitudes and simplicity.

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