Plato's Grass PLATO’S Made Of Weathering Steel

Tangible Flow, Intangible Idea
Design Company: Positive and Negative Design
Location: NingBo,China
Materials: Corten Steel/Weathering Steel
2020-04-20 15:35:29
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Project Credits
Lead Designer
Wang Chen
ErHong Wang
Civil Engineer/MEP
Shuai Liu
Structural Engineer
Dong Xu, Ning Liu, Zhen Hou,
Lighting Designer
Zhimin Wang
Changshuai Shi
AV Designer
Wang Fei
Metal Fabricators
Henan AHL STEEL Trading Co., Ltd.
Project Introduction
The spatial dimensions are like building blocks. Layers are superimposed. Each layer has the same trajectory and it doesn’t seem to matter. Living in the “sensory world,” we feel the tangible flow of nature: seeds are buried in the earth, germinating, growing, and withering.

The spatial dimension is like a building block. The layers are superimposed. Each layer has the same trajectory, which does not seem to matter. Living in the "sensory world", we feel a natural physical flow: the seeds are buried underground, germinating, growing and withering.
The exterior of the cafe is wrapped in red weathering steel and white concrete. There are different manhole covers on the ground in front of the entrance, which lead people to the coffee shop, and windows connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. Simple interior space with plants painted on the walls, then logos and mottos on corten steel plates and storefronts.
▼External view of the cafe

▼Courtyard at the entrance


▼Various well lids decorated on the ground, leading people into the shop

The “flowing” feeling world will die and will rot. What is interesting is that when things do not exist in space and time, ideas are formed.
▼Window connects the interior and the exterior

▼Close view of the furniture

The fuzzy concept we express in life, such as “grass”, is a form, then it is eternal stay in the world of ideas.
▼Logos and mottos on the weathering steel plates and walls

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