Design Of Fitness Greenway And Riverside Plank Road

Corten Steel Architectural Landscape Design In Datian County
Designer: Shanghai Xuanquan Architectural Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd.
Location: Fujian/China
Materials: Corten Steel/weathering steel
2019-11-18 09:34:34
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Project Credits
Lead Designer
Shanghai Xuan Quan Architectural Landscape Planning and Design Co., LTD
Chaoran Lin,
Structural Engineer
Qianzhi Zeng, Zhiruo Liu
Lighting Designer
Nancheng Guo, Xuan Ying
AV Designer
Xuanquan Design
General Contractor
Fujian Xingtian City Construction Investment Co. LTD
Landscape Contractor
Forging Childe
Metal Fabricators
Henan AHL STEEL Trading Co., Ltd.
Concrete Contractors
Day&Night Design
Project Introduction
In the shortage of construction land, the greenway in Datian County is to make the town greener, and make the city breathable.

GuanFeng observation deck, the best view point to watch the “Phoenix Valley” and the local culture “Bench Dragon” Bridge.
Weathering steel view Fengtai Station, the red corten steel melts with the red soil. This corten steel landscape design abstracts the Daejeon national historical and cultural protection building "earth fort" to carry on the heritage of local culture. The wooden grid of "virtual and real" symbolizes the earthen wall of the earthen castle and the symbol of the wooden window of "rice bucket" In the observation window of the Tubao, steel pipes form the eaves of the Tubao. The red rust steel that changes over time symbolizes the unique "red soil" of Daejeon and blends into the surrounding environment.

The bench dragon bridge is a rustic design formed by extracting the intangible cultural heritage "Datian bench dragon". The design abandons the traditional figurative dragon form design, but abstracts and refines the image of the Datian bench dragon, using modern weathering steel and urban weathering. The steel landscape sculpture technique explores and expresses Datian vernacular architecture.

Stone bench dragons are set up along the greenway every 20 meters. The bench dragon lights are the landscape lighting of the green road. At the same time, the repeated bench dragon lights form the impression of the intangible cultural heritage "Datian bench dragon".

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