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Weathering steel family home

This construction method of old and new shows the combination of traditional architecture and contemporary design, and at the same time shows the characteristics of representative residential houses in southern Chile. There are many types of native wood recycled in the project, including oak, Chilean araucaria and laurel. Most of these woods are mainly red tones, which echo the weathering steel of the roof and complement each other.
The interior space of the weathering steel building forms a dialogue with the building, and the sensory area of the space is expanded by using ingenious design and planning. This is especially obvious in the bedroom, for example: the bathroom and shower room are merged together, and the forest photos on the walls bring the external natural environment into the indoor space.
The architect also adopted decorative elements and furniture made by famous sculptors, such as benches and hangers, to make the entire weathering steel building more complete. In addition, a complete indoor and outdoor lighting system highlights the spatial volume and geometry of weathering steel residences.
Finally, the rear overhead structure allows the entire weathering steel house to float on the riverbed and vegetation, and the outdoor recreation area at the bottom further enhances this sense of drama. The ground of the recreation area uses the same natural wood as the building. It highlights the concept of the integration of architectural design and landscape design.
The minimalist contemporary design concept of the building creates a dialogue between the building and the landscape, emphasizing the volume of space and the scale of the building in an aesthetic way.