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Corten steel construction of the countryside visitor center

This corten steel visitor center is located in Viscarreno, Spain. This place is surrounded by mountains, one after another, the scenery is very beautiful, and there are many historical sites here. The local government decided to build a visitor center here to help tourists understand the natural and cultural landscape here.
The corten steel visitor center is located on a small flat ground in the mountains, with a beautiful 360-degree view without dead ends. Faced with the complexity and limited scale of the environment, the architect thought of a person who said: "Architectural works are not willing to face loneliness. In the case of no choice, this will become the architect's most difficult challenge." The final design is completed. It is a simple and abstract box with shotcrete and corten steel draped in the exterior, and dialogue with the surroundings in a humble and hidden attitude.
Colored concrete and corroded steel plates will change with the environment, realizing a dialogue between materials and nature. The interior is completely white, and the smallpox made of weathering steel on several large surfaces is left with seams to allow the sky to seep in. The other slits place the lighting source. Then the complete wall with a height of 2.4 meters is reserved for future exhibition content.
Abundant ceilings, the lower half of the wall that allows people to concentrate, all provide a rich space experience for visitors. Four holes were opened in the entire volume, and weathering steel was used to surround the windows or doors. The rough shotcrete skin makes all the effects like digging out of the rock. The opening of the hole makes the inside and outside to get in touch with each other, and the connection with nature is even greater.