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Renovated corten steel courtyard

The five courtyards have four indoor courtyards and an outdoor courtyard adjacent to the building. They have a surrounding building-like shape and color scheme, but differ in terms of geometry, botanical arrangements and focal elements.
This weathered steel project has redesigned five courtyards on the parking lot floor. The five courtyards include four indoor courtyards and an outdoor courtyard next to the building. These five courtyards are located on the ground floor of the apartment. At the same time there is a public space and a private terrace. Two main courtyards have swimming pools and the other two courtyards have a unique view of the weathered river.
The design of the new weathering steel landscape is severely restricted by the original flat construction. Nonetheless, designers are building completely new areas using existing indentations in floor slabs, with the help of spacious and dense roof greening strategies, soil width and depth. Has increased to create a rich garden environment. To the original design intent.
Corten steel landscapes provide ample space for infrastructure and not only increase soil volume, but also block rainwater and delay runoff. The goal of this weathering steel project is ultimately implemented in space. The carved water function emphasizes a harmonious public space using whole steel producers and wood to distinguish it from a more homogeneous private terrace.
From the roof, guests can see the courtyard A, which consists of a weathered iron producer and a pool, and can see the geometric packaging texture. You can also see Fair B on the roof, and you can see the shiny basalt lagoon and the concrete Corten steel flower pond.