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Corten steel design project next to the church

The modern-style new building will contain various multi-functional spaces. The significance is to encourage more communication between the parish and young people, and attract the participation of local residents by organizing exhibitions and concerts, thereby providing a relaxing and leisure public space for the community. The new corten steel building not only fulfills this function, but also provides a venue for various forms of performances such as small theater and music art.
Both buildings have become an indispensable part of the new block. The modern design of the building is in marked contrast with the neo-Roman style of St. Hyacinth Church. The proper form and scale enable the original historical level of the weathering steel building to be maintained, and it also emphasizes the important position of the church in the entire project. The use of modern materials such as corten steel and glass evokes a cross-age dialogue between new facilities and old buildings.
The corten steel architectural design also shows a fit with the needs of contemporary architecture: the precipitation in the entire area is collected into a special reservoir located several meters underground and used in the construction process. Today, the collected rainwater is used to water plants throughout the garden. The roofs of both buildings are covered with green plants to better blend with the background of the church. The roof garden can also improve the heat regulation capacity inside the building.
The corten steel benches at the corners of the building play an additional role in dividing the space. The space is "enclosed" in the surrounding audience area with a symbolic approach. Its small volume creates a place for visitors to stay and stay in the venue for a while. Opportunity to relax.
There are many halls inside the weathering steel building, which can be used as classrooms, or hold various music and drama activities and exhibitions, which is the reason why the internal space mainly adopts minimalist design. At the same time, the materials also reflect the friendliness, weathering steel can resist rain erosion and high temperature exposure.