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Xingcheng iron and steel group

Xingcheng iron and steel group

The main equipment and facilities of Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are imported from abroad. The production process adopts international advanced technology. Now it has become the domestic production of high-standard bearing steel, high-grade gear steel, alloy spring steel, alloy billet steel, high-grade mooring chain steel, free-cutting non-quenched and tempered steel and electroslag. The main bases of high-grade and special steel, such as steel, have obtained international quality certification for their main products. The production and sales of many kinds of high-grade products have been in the lead in China for many years.
RINA Classification Socety-6
RINA Classification Society-5
RINA Classification Society-4
RINA Classification Society-3
RINA Classification Society-2
RINA Classification Society-1
NK Classification Society-4
NK Classification Society-3
NK Classification Society-2
NK Classification Society-1
LR Classification Society-3
LR Classification Society-2
LR Classification Society-1
KR Classification Society-5
KR Classification Society-4
KR Classification Society-3
KR Classification Society-2
KR Classification Society-1
GL Classification Society-3
GL Classification Society-2
GL Classification Society-1
DNV Classification Society
CCS Classification Society
BV Classification Society-5
BV Classification Society-4
BV Classification Society-3
BV Classification Society-2
BV Classification Society-1
ABS Classification Society-14
ABS Classification Society-13
ABS Classification Society-12
ABS Classification Society-11
ABS Classification Society-10
ABS Classification Society-9
ABS Classification Society-8
ABS Classification Society-7
ABS Classification Society-6
ABS Classification Society-5
ABS Classification Society-4
ABS Classification Society-3
ABS Classification Society-2
ABS Classification Society-1
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