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Rizhao iron and steel group

Rizhao iron and steel group

Rizhao Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Rizhao Iron and Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale iron and steel joint enterprise, which integrates sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling and has complete supporting facilities. It is a private enterprise. Adhering to the belief of "advancing with the times, earnestly seeking truth, uniting and cooperating, making steel happily", the company only strives for the day and night, with dauntless courage, pioneering and innovating, forging ahead, adhering to the road of professional production, and striving to make the enterprise stronger and bigger.
TUV NORD Certificate-2
TUV NORD Certificate-1
RINA Classification Society-2
RINA Classification Society-1
NK Classification Society-4
NK Classification Society-3
NK Classification Society-2
NK Classification Society-1
LR Classification Society-2
LR Classification Society-1
KR Classification Society-2
KR Classification Society-1
GL Classification Society-7
GL Classification Society-6
GL Classification Society-5
GL Classification Society-4
GL Classification Society-3
GL Classification Society-2
GL Classification Society-1
DNV GL Classification Society-2
DNV GL Classification Society-1
CCS Classification Society-2
CCS Classification Society-1-3
CCS Classification Society-1-2
CCS Classification Society-1-1
BV Classification Society-2-3
BV Classification Society-2-2
BV Classification Society-2-1
BV Classification Society-1-2
BV Classification Society-1-1
ABS Classification Society-2
ABS Classification Society-1
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