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Handan iron and steel group

Handan iron and steel group

Handan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd , referred to as Handan Iron and Steel Group, was founded in Handan, Hebei Province, China in 1958. The company is mainly engaged in iron and steel business, including ferrous metal smelting, billet, steel rolling, sinter smelting, coke and by-products manufacturing, sales and import and export business. The annual steel output is about 9 million tons, which has developed into an important production base of high quality sheet metal in China and is the core enterprise of Hebei Iron and Steel Group.
RINA Classification Society-2
RINA Classification Society-1
LR Classification Society-2
LR Classification Society-1
KR Classification Society-2
KR Classification Society-1
GL Classification Society-2
GL Classification Society-1
DNV GL Classification Society-2
DNV GL Classification Society-1
CCS Classification Society-4
CCS Classification Society-4
CCS Classification Society-2
CCS Classification Society-1
BV Classification Society-3
BV Classification Society-2
BV Classification Society-1
ABS Classification Society-3
ABS Classification Society-2
ABS Classification Society-1
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