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Performance comparison of wear plates

2021-06-22 14:34:57
Once the hardness of the wear plate breaks through a certain value, its life is doubled. Therefore, the selection of wear-resistant plates can be determined according to the specific engineering conditions. When equipment is produced and processed, only this difference is required when choosing. From NM400 wear-resistant plates to Hardox500 wear-resistant plates, the products produced are the difference between the top products in the industry and the general products.
Of course, when choosing wear-resistant steel plates to be processed into wear-resistant parts, the situation of the steel plates must be considered comprehensively. The higher the hardness of the wear-resistant plate, the more difficult it is to process. For example, if you just drill a threaded hole, most factories can process NM400 wear plates.
But if it is Hardox500 wear-resistant plate, most processing factories cannot do such processing of threaded holes. However, if the factory uses wear-resistant plates, it does not require too complicated processing, and you can appropriately choose wear-resistant plates with a higher hardness. Will get greater benefits.
And when repairing and manufacturing wear-resistant parts, Hardox500 wear-resistant steel plate is a very cost-effective choice, which can increase the life of the machine exponentially. We focus on the research of wear plate technology. Hardox wear-resistant steel plates are widely used in mining machinery and docks. Wear-resistant steel plates can save a lot of maintenance costs for companies and enhance the continuity and stability of production.
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