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Get to know Hardox500 wear-resistant steel plate

2021-06-22 14:26:31
Hardox is a steel plate developed by a Swedish steel plant for a wear-prone environment. The Swedish steel plant is also one of the earliest companies in the world to study wear plates, and Hardox has a series of models.
Wear-resistant steel plates are classified into Hardox400, Hardox450, Hardox500, Hardox550 and Hardox600 according to their hardness. The corresponding hardnesses are HB400, HB450, HB500, HB550 and HB600 respectively. Among the series of models of wear-resistant steel plates, Hardox500 is the one with more balanced performance in all aspects and a wide range of uses.
Hardox500 wear-resistant plate, because it has high enough hardness, and can meet the needs of most wear-resistant environments. Because the hardness of Hardox500 wear plate has reached HB500. From the digital surface, the hardness is only 100 and 50 higher than the NM400 wear plate and NM500 wear plate.
However, in actual use, the parts processed by Hardox500 wear-resistant plates, under the abrasion conditions of granite, coal, and sand, have a lifespan that is substantially increased by two to four times compared to NM400 wear-resistant plates of HB400. . Therefore, when choosing wear-resistant plate products, it is not just as simple as looking at the numbers.
AHL STEEL is a manufacturer specializing in weathering steel and weathering board, and it is also the agent of Hardox. If you need it, you can contact us and look forward to cooperation.